Erik Saether smallEuropean energy exchanges may be undergoing a process of consolidation, Erik Saether, ceo of Nord Pool Spot (NPS), is not eager at this moment to merge with his European competitors. ‘It will be better for Europe if local markets are improved first.’ 02/2009

Nord Pool smallAfter its recent partnership with the US-Swedish stock exchange operator Nasdaq OMX, the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool is looking for further international expansion. The next target is the UK. 02/2009

Scientists, plant manufacturers and module producers in Saxony are working on new technologies that can be used to produce solar electricity more cost-effectively. The goal is to bring the price down to match that of conventionally generated electricity within the next few years. 01/2009

solarfassade_kleinMore and more solar technology companies are establishing themselves in the eastern German state of Saxony. The conditions in the state provide a solid basis for strong growth and the further development of their technologies. 01/2009

terracon_kleinThe Leipzig based company Terracon Energy GmbH combines a traditional diesel generator with a wind turbine and a photovoltaic device for mobile electricity production. Using renewable energies brings a significant reduction in operating costs. 01/2009

vngebude_kleinEast German gas company VNG Verbundnetz Gas has managed to remain independent since the transition to a market economy in 1990. With major shareholder EWE, based in northwestern Germany, now trying to take control, the board and other shareholders are fighting back. 12/2008

dr. hans-bernd menzel klein - foto bodo tiedemannEuropean Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig is working on an alliance with other European energy exchanges. EEX has established a joint operation for spot market trading with Powernext in Paris. Belpex in Belgium and the Dutch exchange APX may also join in and there are talks with other exchanges. Dr. Hans-Bernd Menzel, chief executive of EEX: ‘We have then already got as far as the Pyrenees.’ 11/2008

eex klein - foto bodo tiedemannThe interlinking of the European Energy Exchange in Leipzig and Powernext in Paris was a major step in the consolidation of European energy exchanges. Many other moves are being made, but challenges in market coupling will have to be resolved before trading markets can become truly integrated. 11/2008

The world’s first pilot plant for the capture of carbon dioxide in a coal-fired station has commenced operations at the eastern German power plant Schwarze Pumpe. From 2020, the lignite power producer wants to use his Oxyfuel technology in a large scale commercial power plant. 10/2008

stefan_schroeter_kleinReportedly, a fierce debate as to whether Russia is really capable of delivering more natural gas to central and western Europe looks set to continue. At first glance, this seems rather odd. After all, Russia has the largest explored stocks of the coveted “blue fuel” in the world. 09/2008

The world’s largest producer of natural gas, Gazprom, plans to significantly expand its extraction activities by 2020. To this end, new gas fields are to be developed in remote regions under challenging climatic conditions. Together with their modern technologies, European partners are welcome to join in, as long as they accept Gazprom’s terms. 09/2008

Lillgrund kleinIn the Danish capital and the surrounding area, renewable energy sources are increasingly being used to generate power and heat. The city is using its proven examples of advanced power plant technology to call attention to major global energy events. 07/2008

Silberhöhe kleinSince 1989, East German industrial centres have lost a large part of their population. Due to large-scale demolition of residential buildings and strongly decreased demand, energy providers are forced to adjust their networks and power plants. 06/2008

narva_kleinSaxony-based lighting manufacturer Narva has developed a new, cost-effective technology for highly efficient vacuum tube collectors. They are well suited to solar-powered hot water generation in commercial enterprises and can still obtain heat from solar radiation even under less than favourable conditions. 11/2007