Here you can try the payment services that are used on this website for paid access to journalistic articles or for voluntary payments.


The first part of each text can always be accessed for free. Below it appears a content description of the full version, of its size and the price. To show the payment services here, only system charges of 14 Cent for "Paypal" and 25 Cent for "Call2Pay" are applied. So you can make yourself familiar with these services at lowest cost, bevor you decide to buy an article for a little more money. To try these payment services, please click on the buttons below this text.


"Paypal" is a worldwide accepted payment service. It can be used very easily after a personal "Paypal" account is created. If you like, try it here for a system charge of 14 Cent:

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is a very anonymous payment service. It is operated by the Micropayment GmbH, tested and certified by TÜV-Rheinland. If you want to pay an article with your telephone bill, click on the button "Call2Pay". Then in your browser a new window will appear with a telephone number. In the same window you will see the price for this phone call, corresponding to the price of the article.  Outside of Germany there will be also displayed a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Now you can take your telephone and dial the telephone number. When the connection is established, you will hear a kind voice. Please hold this connection until it will be interrupted automatically. If you are located outside of Germany, you will also be asked to insert the displayed PIN. Now you can see a button in your browser, leading to the full version of the article. The payment process is now completed, the price for the article will appear on your next telephone bill.


"Call2Pay" can be used in Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia und Spain. It also works with mobil phones. In this case, however, tariffs can be different. If you like, try it here for a system charge of 25 Cent:


"Flattr" is a social payment service, where a user pays a small monthly subscription amount of his choice to an account. If you have such a Flattr account and you click a Flattr button on this website, then the payment service will count this click - as well as your Flattr clicks on other websites. At the end of the month your subscription amount will be divided through all your clicks and payed out to the website operators.






When you are using the payment service "Call2Pay", no private data will be collected or stored on the website


Paypal transmits the buyer's name to the Paypal account of Stefan Schroeter, Wirtschaftsjournalist. The buyer's name and IP is also collected and stored by software on this website. This information will only be used to complete the transaction.


More information is available on the websites of the Micropayment GmbH and of PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A..